The LG Optimus G Pro: Upping the Ante in the Phablet Market

With the smartphone market fast approaching saturation point, manufacturers are switching their focus towards the design of multi-functional phablets. With both Samsung and Apple already dominant in this burgeoning marketplace, however, it is the turn of LG to enter the fray with a unique design of their own. The LG Optimus G Pro has entered the market at the ideal time, with a set of features that are set to rival  even the most popular products. With further versions of the pioneering Galaxy Read more [...]

Dell XPS 12 Review

With the arrival of Microsoft’s brand new Windows 8 Operating System there has been a huge amount of buzz regarding the kinds of device which will start to appear on the market. Windows 8 is the most drastic change ever made by Microsoft to their flagship OS as they have sent it down a highly touchscreen optimised route which made current laptops and such unable to harness the full power of the OS. The Dell XPS 12 Ultrabook is a very unique device which combines the portability of a tablet with Read more [...]

Spotlight: Four Next Generation Windows 8 Touch-Friendly Ultrabooks

Windows 8 has officially rolled out. These next-gen laptops are unlike their older siblings in that they are now equipped with touchscreen technology. This month and in the run up to the holiday season, we will be seeing new touch-centric Windows 8 ultrabooks. Here are some of the more exciting ones that you should wait for: IdeaPad Yoga by Lenovo   IdeaPad Yoga from Lenovo With Yoga in its name, this ultrabook doesn't just talk the talk, it also walks the walk. It is that flexible. This Read more [...]

Ultrabook Review: Envy Spectre XT by HP

A lot of consumers have fallen in love with the line of notebooks called Envy Spectre by HP. It should not come as a surprise that their latest edition, the Envy Spectre XT, will become a hit. It is the successor to the successful Envy 13 that was launched about three years ago, so you maybe wondering what's new with this HP offering? Envy Spectre XT from HP The Spectre XT is lighter and thinner. It also makes use of a solid state drive that indicates its intention to go on a head on collision Read more [...]

Online Store Review for Park and Shop

Park and Shop is a neat name for an online store that sells iPod and iPhone Mac and Samsung accessories. he home page is understated. It has two larger windows at the top and bottom left of the page, where products are displayed in what seems to be a semi-random pattern. The rest of the home page has boxes of various sizes advertising various phone and tablet related products. At first the page seems a little busy and there’s a lot going on. That could frighten off first time visitors, but Read more [...]

iPod Touch 5th Generation

iPod Touch 5th Generation from Apple While the iPhone 5 was obviously the centre of attention at Apple's event on September 12th, it isn't the only new product in their line-up. The market will also soon see new versions of the iPod Nano, iPod Shuffle, and iPod Touch. One might think portable music players ought to be obsolete given the ubiquity of smartphones, but the Shuffle and Nano will find their following with runners and the like. And the iPod Touch definitely has its benefits. After all, Read more [...]

Sony VAIO Duo 11

VAIO Duo 11 from Sony The upcoming Sony VAIO Duo 11 is clearly designed around Windows 8 – with which it comes preinstalled – a two-faced device for a two-faced operating system.   In the Duo's tablet form, with everything folded away, the touch side of Windows 8 will shine through that 11.6” full HD display, as the user interacts with the intuitive interface with either a finger or the included pressure-sensitive stylus. And if you feel the need to do some more intensive work, Read more [...]

New iPad 3 Review

The most popular tablet brand in the world is back with a brand new edition, set to wow the world with its list of amazing specifications and fantastic software integration. The new iPad, also known as the iPad 3 is the brand new tablet from Apple and hands down it’s one of the best tablets available on the market today. We’ll start by taking a look at the specifications: Operating System iOS version 5.1.1 Power Lithium-ion polymer battery11,560 mAh Chipset Apple A5X CPU 1 Read more [...]

ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Review

A tablet or a laptop? The ASUS Eee Pad Transformer is exactly what you make of it and bridges the gap between laptop and tablet devices by being both. The Eee Pad Transformer is an Android powered device from ASUS, the kings of netbooks and laptop portability. Competitively priced to compete with the iPad, will the Transformer be able to cut it? Let’s take a look at the specifications. Operating System Android version 3.0 (upgradeable to 4.0) Battery Lithium Polymer Battery9.5 hours Read more [...]

Google Nexus 7 Tablet Review

Ever heard of a quad-core processor tablet with a 720p HD display which sells for less than £160? Introducing the Google Nexus 7, a device that shows amazing quality and specifications don’t always come with a hefty price tag. With specs that better the new iPad 3 in certain areas and retailing at less than half the price, will the Nexus 7 go down as one of the best tablets of all time? Let’s find out, here are the full specifications of the Google Nexus 7:   Operating System Android Read more [...]